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Slack Integration with Messages (Chat)

It's challenging to keep the Messages app open all the time in my browser. It would be amazing if I could be notified of new chats in Slack.


Even better would be the ability to hold the entire conversation right in Slack, with the option to switch over to the CRM.

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Are there any plans to integrate HubSpot with Slack?

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

What kinds of HubSpot-things are you interested in being able to do in Slack?


We're big Slack users ourselves at HubSpot, so would love to hear what you think might be useful.




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Similar stuff to what can be done with Salesforce integration:

  • Ability to enter a command and create a Task in HubSpot
  • Ability to enter a command and pull up a Contact or Company record from HubSpot
  • Ability to enter a command and pull up a Deal record from HubSpot
  • Ability to append a note to a Contact/Company or Deal from within Slack
  • etc...
Phil_Vallender Community Thought Leader | Diamond Partner
Community Thought Leader | Diamond Partner

We use Slack here too - probably the most useful features of an integration would be to recieve conversion notifications, revist notifcations and reports on a slack channel. 


Another clever trick would be some kind of preview function when sharing in-app links within the team - so if sharing a link to a list or draft peice of content, getting a contextual preview of that content in Slack would be really neat.

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 Notifications would be amazing. We use Zapier right now but the 15 minute delay is way too much. For example, new MQL notifications for the sales team, revisit notifications, etc.

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Agree with the previous posts - Zapier is too slow and cumbersome with limited options to Zap. 


It would be great to see blog tracking on a Slack channel at milestones - 50 views, 100 views, 50 shares, etc. 


Also, a social media 'Inbox' notifier & task notifier. 

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May be late to the party here, but we've gotten pretty far with the Zapier integration. I talk about a number of the things we are doing here.


You can greatly reduce the delay from HubSpot > Zapier > Slack if you use HubSpot Workflows to trigger a webhook which is picked up by Zapier.   We have transitioned off of using email notifications for form fills in favor Slack bot notifications and when I had both running, the Slack notifications beat HubSpot's email notifications 100% of the time.


@adamgreco I know a Slack integration is probably ideal, but in the meantime here are ways to solve for some of your feature requets:

  • Ability to enter a command and create a Task in HubSpot
    1. Use the "New Message Posted to Channel" Slack to trigger a zap in your "HubSpot-command" channel
    2. Use Zapiers filter action to check for the syntax of your command and only continue if the string from step 1 starts like your desired command.  We use !command (!task, !profile, etc).
    3. Use Zapiers format tools to split your message string into relevant parts.
    4. Use HubSpot's New calendar event to create a task with the output of step 3.  Unfortionatly at this time, creating tasks in the CRM from Zapier is currently not a feature.
  • Ability to enter a command and pull up a Contact or Company record from HubSpot
    1. Same as above except for step 4, use HubSpot's "Find contact by email" command.
    2. In the output of the afformentioned step you'll find a property called VID.  You can then use the "Post a message to Slack" command with this syntax to return a link to their profile: 
      <https://app.hubspot.com/sales/YourHubSpotPortalID/contact/ContactsVID/|Link to profile>
  • Ability to enter a command and pull up a Deal record from HubSpot
    • Same as above, but with Deal ID and this syntax:
      <https://app.hubspot.com/sales/YourHubSpotPortalID/deal/DealID/|Link to deal>
  • Ability to append a note to a Contact/Company or Deal from within Slack
    • Not currently possible because Zapier is missing the ability to create or append notes. If anyone on the HubSpot Zapier team is listening, this would be SO helpful.

Here's a picture of what all that looks like in action:

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 5.15.39 PM.png










Everything you see above is triggered from Jen filling out a form in HubSpot to request a ticket to IMPACT Live (which triggers a webhook to kick off this Zap).  Natalie accepting the request triggers Zapier (using the method described above) to change a property in HubSpot to enroll her in a new workflow letting her know that her request has been accepted.


Even though the conversation here is about a native HubSpot & Slack integration (which I would love), hopefully this helps someone out! In the meantime, I'm hoping that HubSpot will continue to invest in the functionality of their Zapier integration (they just added the ability to update deals, which is huge).


If you have any questions about anything I just shared or want help building out something crazy, feel free to shoot me a DM or email me at kbento(at)impactbnd.com.



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We have a small team of 3-5 people and it's not that busy. However, we'd like to move away from emails as much as possible. And that's where Slack is the best tool for us. 

It would be awesome if we could HubSpot right from Slack; Create/edit tasks, clients, deals and companies, pull data, 2 way commenting, updates and marketing notifications.


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Hey guys, i'm very new to both platforms and am attempting to integrate hubspot and slack. This bot: http://growthbot.org/ appears to be able to connect but i get an error in hubspot when i try:


Request for Integration Permissions

Uh oh!

You do not have the correct role to grant these permissions. Please contact your administrator.


Any help would be great!

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi there. Thanks for trying out GrowthBot.

I think your issue is likely that you are connecting to a HubSpot CRM (or HubSpot Marketing Free) account.

To do that, use the command: "Connect HubSpot CRM" in GrowthBot (instead of "Connect HubSpot").