Skip emails or actions in a workflow based on list membership

It would be useful to supress an email or any action in a workflow for specific contacts based on a list.


An example where that would be useful:

I work for a credit union. We have an onboarding workflow set up with many emails teaching members about their new account. One email cannot be sent to minors due to industry regs.


Right now, I have two options:

1) Supress minors from the entire workflow

2) Enroll them in a new workflow and completely recreate the first one, minus one email


Considering this campaign spans accross 8 different workflows, I see option 2 getting pretty messy. 


Anyone else have an example where this would come in handy?

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Hi @mcgourley! That sounds like an important use-case. I believe you have all the needed functionality (or will soon once we finish our migration of all portals to the new system) to get this to work already. You could use an If/then branch to specify the age or membership in a list, send the email to everyone that is an adult, and then have a Go To action to merge the flow back.


Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 3.38.16 PM.png

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Since the current feature-set fulfills this idea, I'm going to close it out! Please feel free to continue opening ideas, we love hearing them!