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Single File/Submission Export of Form Submissions

We are needing  the export of a specific/single form, not the bulk form option that is only available in the "Export Form Submissions." In looking at exporting form submissions when trying to do so, it seems to be all or none....not just one?
The current work around is entirely cumbersome of creating a list with only that contact and adding all the properties that were used in the form (However thank you to Camilia in Hubspot Support Chat for this help).
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This may not help at all, as my work-around is meant for multiple exports. However, I have had the same issue in the past. I have weekly exports that I need to do for 5 different forms and I hate changing my columns in lists for each applicable property before exporting. I got around this by creating a report for each one that I wanted to export on a weekly basis, with the applicable properties shown in the report under the data tab. Then you can export that report showing only the forms you want with the properties you want. You can then clone those reports and adjust a few properties here and there without having to do it each time you export.


We have the same requirement. We need to be able to download form submission data "one by one" and send to relevant departments for processing.