Simplify Double Opt-in Property

Current: The Double Opt-in status of a contact is represented by the property "Marketing Email Confirmation Status".


There are 8 possible values for the property of which 5 mean that a contact is confirmed for DOI. This makes it complicated to use a contact's DOI status as a filter or enrollment trigger because of the many versions/values considered as "DOI: confirmed"


Additionally, the naming convention of the property ("Marketing Email Confirmation Status") is misleading and not as straight forward as it could be seeing that it solely represents Double Opt-in. 


More details on this in Understand the 'Marketing email confirmation status' contact property


Proposed solution: It would simplify HubSpot DOI by changing the naming of the property to "Double Opt-in Status" instead of "Marketing Email Confirmation Status". Additionally, I propose to have 3 valid values for the property:

  • Confirmed
  • Not confirmed
  • Neutral/no value

Confirmed will represent all contacts who confirmed DOI themselves by clicking the link in the DOI email and contacts that were manually opted into DOI within HubSpot.


Not confirmed will represent all contacts that were sent the DOI email but have not yet confirmed DOI.


Neural/no value will represent all contacts that are neither confirmed nor not confirmed e.g. contact did not fill out a form, contact was not sent the DOI email, contact was imported. 

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@AllisonZ This is a great idea. The "Email Confirmation Status" properties are indeed very misleading and quite complex. I'd love to get something simpler implemented.


In addition, I'd like to mention this community discussion/idea: Double-opt in configuration per Form not per page. 


Enabling Double Opt-In on a per-form-basis would be an extremely valuable feature. Many EU HubSpot users cannot use the existing DOI functionalities as intended because they can only be turned on/off for ALL forms or certain (landing) pages. As many HS customers use forms on external sites (WordPress, etc.), the landing page specific feature cannot be used.


HubSpot Employee

this is a much needed feature to avoid confusion for our customers!

HubSpot Employee

That's a great suggestion!!