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Simple workflow permission to be separate from workflow permission



Our marketing permission set use to allow our marketing team to create their own simple workflows / automations as a follow-up for emails or form submissions.


Now, simple workflows and complex workflow access seem to be merged. This means our marketing team either:

  1. Contact admin to set up simple workflows per email/form
  2. Receive access to all workflow capabilities

However, we want to minimise the access for the latter to admins only.


Can we separate permissions for simple workflows away from workflows in general?



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YES, I completely agree. I had to grant our marketing team access to all workflow creation which seriously jeapordizes the enforced rules for property updates, notifications, naming conventions etc. 


I would really appreciate if this would be added. We have a bottleneck in marketing where everytime a marketeer wants to add an email after a form submission they have to wait for a person with workflow permission to build it for them. It does not make any sense to have to give access to admin workflows just to add a simple confirmation email to a form.