Simple calculations in contact properties

Vaguely related to this:


It would be nice to be able to do additions, substractions and multiplications in contact properties & associated workflows.

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Simple calculations in contact propertiesHubSpot Product Team
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Calculated and roll-up properties are now available in Marketing, Sales, and Service Enterprise portals. See this knowledge doc ( for more information!

Simple calculations in contact propertiesHubSpot Product Team
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Thanks for the feedback and examples. We are discussing calculated properties, and would like to add them at some point in the future.

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Thanks for finally implementing this but to only make this available on the Enterprise plans is a bit harsh. My deal is based on a couple of components that I want to separate for various reasons but I want the total amount to be reflected as the total deal value. This is not possible at the moment and many other CRMs offer this in their lower plans. Please consider making this available on the Starter or Professional plans as well.

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Nice job Hubspot product team. We may not agree about it's licensing/edition placement (I don't - this isn't a sophisticated enterprise feature), but glad to see this enhancement.


Now let's voice our feature concerns to our respective Customer Success or Sales teams.

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Yes, great it's out but really disappointing that it's only available for Enterprise....I really didn't expect this.