Simple calculations in contact properties

Vaguely related to this:


It would be nice to be able to do additions, substractions and multiplications in contact properties & associated workflows.

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Great idea, @greg_lewis . We regularly discount on licensing, but never thought to track this in HubSpot. If such a feature were implemented not only would it save our reps time in calculations, but our sales leaders would find the total discounts a great insight at the end of the quarter when viewed per product, per industry, or per sales rep.

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Yes, calculated fields would be of great value. Something I have missed several times is just being able to fill a data field with the current date. 

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In SFDC we have a "weighted amount" field (amount * deal's probability). This is done via a standard formula field type in SFDC. Please add formula as a property/field type.

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Agreed! We would love to be able to have a field recognize:


(Deal Amount) - (Field X) = (Field Y)



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Unfortunately nothing has been done in nearly a year so I have been forced to move to Salesforce because of this simple missing formula. I hated the idea because Hubspot is amazing in so many ways, but this was a hard requirement from my CEO and my hands were tied.... Big machine, here we come... (p.s. we set up the working calculation in Salesforce in less than 2 hours....)


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Calculated fields on Deals have been needed for some time.  This should be huge priority.   Please please please make this happen.

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I'm also looking for this functionality for a client. They had weighted sales figures (deal amount x likelihood percentage). HubSpot, any idea when it will be available? 

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Hi @jasonzagami. While you are waiting for HubSpot's response you might want to use the revenue projection features built into HubSpot's CRM. Essentially, when you set up your deal stages you can assign a likelihood percentage to close to each deal stage. Each deal is given a dollar amount. Now, when deals progress through the sales funnel your reports can automatically show the projected revenue based on deal amount and likelihood percentage.


Deal weighted total report -

Setting up deal stages -


Hope this is helpful.

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@Stanczak Yes. Thank you. 

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Our customer deals are largely based on loan to value, a factor that is calculated on the back end, as homeowners often don't know their loan to value (LTV).

Our previous dev team set up a backend field that did this calculation.

Not being able to have a loan to value field that is autocalculated on the back end for us to see is going to be hugely burdensome. Not being able to group contacts/leads by (LTV) and prioritze, automate replies and workflows is going to be problematic and time consuming.

basic calculations shouldn't be that hard ((property a / property b) * 100) (or not even multipled by 100 would be fine).

... this has been an issue for almost a year and a half. any insight as to when this will be able to launch?