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Signatures on Email Templates in Sequences Triggered by Workflow

There needs to be an option in Workflows that allows for the assigned Contact Owner's HubSpot Signature to populate to Email Templates and Templates in Sequences triggered by the Workflow. This is a critical element impacting the overall effectiveness of this automation expansion. 


Thank you!

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@cdorseyGood news - this is now available!   I was struggling with the same issue and submitted a similiar idea last week. When I tested with workflows again today, the Hubspot Signature now gets pulled in to the email template for the Sequence. This wasn't happening as of a few days ago so I contacted Hubspot Support and they confirmed:  "our team just rolled out the feature to include signatures in workflow sequence can expect your signature to appear on your sequence emails that are enrolled via workflow."


Hope that helps! 


@amandafann Thanks for the update! Much appreciated!