Show when visitor has left Chat page



I think it would be useful to know if the person at the other end of the conversation has closed the browser or has otherwise left. Otherwise it's just guesswork when to close the chat if things go quiet.

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Status updated to: In Planning
Jan 30, 2019

Nov 6, 2018

Hey @AndyMason! We have a similar idea regarding IPs, and best practice on the community is to have one idea per post, so I'm going to rework this one to specifically be for your first idea. Feel free to file a different post if the one I linked to doesn't fit your use case!

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This is a very serious dealbreaker for hubspot live chat which makes the feature completely unusable. If the agent isn't sure whether the customer is still in the conversation and seeing their messages, they have no way of knowing whether to follow up instead on a different channel e.g. email.