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I think it would be useful to know if the person at the other end of the conversation has closed the browser or has otherwise left. Otherwise it's just guesswork when to close the chat if things go quiet.

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There is currently no method of knowing whether a visitor who is using Live Chat is still active on a site.  Before sending a reply, it would be useful to know if the visitor is still browsing the site or if they have left.  It would also be nice to know if they still have chat open or have closed it.

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Hey @AndyMason! We have a similar idea regarding IPs, and best practice on the community is to have one idea per post, so I'm going to rework this one to specifically be for your first idea. Feel free to file a different post if the one I linked to doesn't fit your use case!


Fine by me, thanks - happy to split the post into relevant sections. 🙂


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I agree this would be a VERY useful feature. As we don't know when our customer leaves and we don't want to waste our employees' time waiting for a response that may never come. 

Status updated to: In Planning
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Adding +1 here as well. I happened to stumble across this other thread requesting the same thing.


This is definitely needed. Let's upvote it!


hola, si estoy de acuerdo es muy importante saber si el usuario se ha hido de la web para poder cerrar la conversión correctamente. Asi como tambien saber por donde esta navengando. Además si dejan mesanje es interesante saber quien es dejando un correo para poder responder la pregunta. Seria un chat más completo y mejoraria el servio al cliente.


We would really like this feature - has it ever been built?


I 100% agree. This is something my team has been asking for since we launched our chatbots.


+1 This would be super helpful!


Super useful thing to have in the chat! Also a conversion to Email conversation would be great if the user has already gone offline.



when a visitor ends the chat OR leaves the website we need to be able to see this on our side. Effective communication means knowing that I've been heard, rather than simply hoping or assuming. 


If I have their email from the start of the chat and they end the chat or leave the site and there's no way of me knowing, and so I respond to their enquiry, not knowing that no-one is reading it, and so nothing is triggering me to email them a response - which may have otherwise generated a sale. If I could see their enquiry, see that the chat has ended, then I would know to email them.




I hope that this feature will come with an option to say "automatically shift to email conversation if visitor laves site"


I feel like there should be an auto time out of inactivity to end the chat. All I know is other chat systems I use to have things like average or median chat duration. The current "time till chat was closed" sitting at 42 hours, seems incorrect in either how it gathers the information or does not have the right things in place for how to capture the information. 


Please add this. 


Guys, I would not only upvote this I would argue, "I can't believe this isn't one of the highest priority items for Hubspot to do..."  All you have to do is look at Intercom (which we moved away from because it has so many limitations) to see how this should be done.  They handle chat seamlessly.  They ask for an email to make sure the chat will get back to the customer.  Then when they determine the customer has been off chat long enough they automatically send any chats not received via email.  So for the user of Intercom it's seamless.  You NEVER worry "did the customer see this message" like we all seem to do with Hubspot conversations.


Honestly, not until a few days ago did I even realize that this was happening.  I just found it odd that would be customers asking me questions never responded back to me.  It happened too often.  And only after self-testing did I realize:  "What the **bleep**???  Hubspot silently never delivers it?  How's that possible?"  And after a small email to support I realized - not only is it possible it's (so far) by design.


Please, Hubspot, address this issue.  I can PM it for you if you need 🙂   Requirements:


  • Track whether conversation chats have been seen by the customer or not
  • Wait a maximum of 15 minutes since the customer last left chat (you lost the websocket connection presumably)
  • If the customer hasn't been on chat for 15 minutes send any unseen chats in an email to the customer automatically
  • If a new chat is sent to the customer and they haven't been back for 15 min automatically send it via email 
  • The email sent should have the unseen chats at the top of the email - just like if I were to reply to an email thread so the customer doesn't think its just a transcript of a chat they've already seen
  • For any chats that have been sent by email state "Sent by email" under the chat bubble"


Sound reasonable?  Please upvote - this is critical - at this point I find myself clicking "Send transcript" to all my useres and leads on chat.  


I totally agree with eWebinar's comment.  We switched from Livechat and I can't believe hubspot does not do this as a baked in feature.