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Show tasks in Google Calendar

When I schedule a task (eg call) I'd like a check box to show the task in Google Calendar (like meetings, but without mailing the contact).  

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Please let us know if this is in development. 

Setting up tasks in Hubspot makes absolutely no sense for me if the tasks get constantly overlooked because they're not in my calendar.

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Any update on the Google calendar integration? Big missing piece for us. Thanks!

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Any progress with this feature?


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Big wish for our Sales team as well! Why isn't HS answering the questions of her customers? 


I upvoted this idea.


Btw: these comments are not the only one on this topic. See: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/CRM/Tasks-Google-Calendar-sync-problem/td-p/15188

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When setting a task, give the option to check a box that adds it to your google calendar. I don't think all tasks need to be synced, but some tasks do. Many times when I end a sales call, I have a specific time and date set for follow up. Currently I have to create the task inside hubspot and then go to my google calendar and create a calendar event for the follow up. It is redudant work and not a good use of my time as a sales professional. 

When a "meeting" is booked using my hubspot link, it automatically creates a calendar event for me. We need that same feature for the "tasks" process as well. 

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I have to say I'm really disappointed with the utterly pathetic lack of response from Hubspot, they ask us to contribute ideas and then simply ignore them. I need integration into my Outlook calendar, as I'm sure many people do, I don't see why on Earth it would be so difficult to just acknowledge our requests and give some feedback.

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Upvote, it's urgent... there is so much waste of time From agenda + task list / pipeline without any sync



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Ditto all the above comments... Calendar feature is great for inbound sales when clients are wanting to book an appointment but as an outbound salesperson, not having this feature of being able to plan tasks into my day is a real pain.

I call different time zone regions and having this task sync to calendar feature would be awesome. 

Would be glad of any advice on how other Hubspotters are doing it effectively now. 

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I have a very basic work around. I go to my task list every morning and just work down the list, opening each account and making calls from my cell phone. I can't use the dialer from brower because my internet is so slow. I also make a handwritten list each day just to make sure I'm getting all the calls made AND it satisfies my need to check things off a list. The Task List disappears when you've checked off the task which doesn't satisfy my need to see all the boxes checked. ACT crossed out the calls as you made them but they were still on your calendar. I miss the feature that ACT has where it lists all your scheduled calls. Unfortunately you can't schedule a call in Hubspot unless you send a confirmation email to the customer which wouldn't work for what I do. Would LOVE an update at some point. I wish my customers were as good as everyone in this forum about telling you what the issue was. Easy to fix things when you know what they are and especially if another app has successfully done this. If anyone else can share their workarounds that would be great!


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I think integration with outlook is essential. Would be far more efficient to have tasks on one platform.