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Show percentage of current revenue of your revenue goal

I have set my teams goals into the Reports/Goals for 2020. I have not found any report that allows me to show the % of revenue goal in results. I can get a number (ie: 50,000$) but I haven't found how to display % of target in reports (ie: 50 000$ on 100 000$ goal = 50%)





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This is totally something that we also would need! It would be great addition to hubspot reports!




We need a way to display the % of attainment in reports, as this is a more reflective way to show how people are contributing to sales, as individual targets $amount is individual and should not be displayed to the rest of the company. We need this in reports to setup in Dashboards / Overviews that are shared with the company for the progress of our reps individually and grouped up into the Hubspot teams. 


I honestly don't understand why something as basic as this isn't available.  Hubspot was intended to reduce my effort and now I need to have a separate XLS report to maintain this.  This is quite disappointing and a significant dissatisfier.