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Show individual sales person goals vs their total sales in one report

I'd like to be able to see a simple goals report, showing a sales reps individual goal vs what they have sold (goal vs deal won) for date parameters we set. I'd like to be able to see this as each individual and also as a team. So if I have User 1 with a March goal of $45 000 and User 2 with a March goal of $27 500 (which has been set in goals) I want to see the report showing what each user has sold (deals won, using date closed won) towards that goal in March. I believe it should show how far they have to go. But then also as a team, so if it was just those 2, the goal would be $72 500. It would also be very useful to show the percentages.


The current report option doesn't account for users having different goals, and works it out on an average which isn't useful for us at all. Each user should be able to see on their sales dashboard how they are tracking for the month towards their goal, and the sales manager and sales support staff should be able to see this for each user and as a team. I have attached below an example of what I mean. It would be very useful to see information like this. The red being their goal, green sold towards goal, and blue is sold past their goal.


This information is currently coming from a spreadsheet showing this sort of information.

I believe this information all exists within Husbpot, e.g. Goals are set for each user and deals won shows what they have sold and when. So I stumped on why I cannot pull this information.


We are currently on the Sales pro version for 16 users and would like to be able to use Hubspot as a sales too, but without it reporting this vital information we would have to resort to manual reporting. Something we thought would no longer be needed once purchasing Hubspot Sales Pro as a sales tool.


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Thankyou Olivia for posting this on my behalf. 


Here are the missing pictures I refer to in the above info. 


rep info sales.pnggoals Jan percentage.png


Crazy that this still isn't possible after a year of this being posted.

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+1 being able to see the percentages would be really valuable!

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This is the most basic information we need in a report to follow up and coach a sales team.

  1. Number of calls made compared to goal, including percentage achieved.
    1. Percentage of the calls made that resulted in a meeting being booked.
  2. Number of meetings booked compared to goal, including percentage achieved.
  3. Number of meetings completed compared to goal, including percentage achieved.
    1. Percentage of the meetings completed that resulted in a deal being closed.
  4. Number of deals closed compared to goal, including percentage achieved.
  5. Average deal size compared to goal, including percentage achieved.

In addition to the above i would like to know when the sales rep logged in and out of Hubspot. When the timing of the report is longer than today it shoul show average log in and log out time, and time logged in per day on average.




For a team which is using hubspot as a one stop solution for their sales, marketing and service needs, this feels like an undercooked feature. It is one of the most basic things in sales performance review that you have the ability to review the target vs achievement of a sales rep for continuous improvement. 


It should on top of the list of to be implemented ideas.


Yes! This was a tool we used all of the time with Salesforce and it really kept reps motivated. We used a gauge by member and by team, bound by quarters, and it allowed everyone to shoot for person and team goals seeing percentages. Right now that's only available in the forecasting tool which is not nearly as useful. 


this is the most basics when it comes to represent Sales of any organization and predict the success rate. Any ETA on this feature 


So there is no way to show a breakdown by seller of revenue v. goal? Seems like the most basic stat!