Show form submission on ticket activity feed for tickets created by forms.


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When a form is connected to the conversations inbox it creates a ticket when it is submitted. 
Currently, you can only see the form submission on the contact record activity timeline. However, I have a situation whereby contacts are filling out the form and attaching important images that are pertinent to the service ticket. This submissions then creates a ticket but the file uploaded via the form is not attached to the ticket nor is it visible on the activity feed.

The user has to leave the ticket, go to the contact record, save the file and then attach the file to the ticket record.

Is there a way that tickets created from forms could have the form submission shown on the ticket pipeline?

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This affects us to, we have an extensive form system generated in HS, where we are asking customers to fill out intricate forms to supply us with all the different data needed to handle tickets of all types such as support requests spanning all types of products and services, purchases/sales, returns etc.  But the problem is that the information that we receive in the ticket is rather scattered and unmanageable, and requires a lot of steps when handling the ticket.  We suggest that Hubspot create an "activity feed type"for form submissions, that would include everything submitted in a form, as a gathered post in the activity feed, similar to when receiving emails.