Show deal owner in Sales Pipeline Board

We need to see the deal owner in the Sales Pipeline Board.

It is available in the Table view but not Board view.


Should be a very easy thing to add.


See my original question in the community:

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Any update on this? Onboarding with Hubspot right now and we really would like deal owner displayed in kanban view. thanks!

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Good idea. I'm missing this to

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Commenting and upvoting on behalf of a customer. The customer would like to see prioritization and deal owner in the board view, even if that info was there upon Hover - similar to how Salesmate has this set up:


Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 15.56.19.png

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This is a must have feature.  So easy, and helpful.  Reporting/filtering is a weak alternative when you want your team to see things at a glance.

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Please make this happen