Show deal owner in Sales Pipeline Board

We need to see the deal owner in the Sales Pipeline Board.

It is available in the Table view but not Board view.


Should be a very easy thing to add.


See my original question in the community:

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I agree! Even if it's just the HubSpot Owner's picture with initials, there needs to be something in the board view so you can easily identify which deals are whose without clicking in the deal or switching to table view.

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I agree, this would be very helpfull! 
Is there any reason not to show it? 

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I definitely agree, my team likes to use the Deals page as more of a customizable version of the project management tools within hubspot. We like the board view as it shows us a better visual representation of the projects we have outstanding (having the "totals" at the bottom is great!), but it would really help to have a visual on what percentage of the total projects are earmarked for which team members, rather than filtering to see only active projects per owner.

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I agree, this would be very helpfull!  in small teams maybe it's not usefull but in large teams it necessary