Show deal owner in Sales Pipeline Board

We need to see the deal owner in the Sales Pipeline Board.

It is available in the Table view but not Board view.


Should be a very easy thing to add.


See my original question in the community:

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We need this! thanks.

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We'd need this to guide us in our weekly pipeline calls. Permantly using/switching filters just isn't practicable 

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In general, the board view needs to be customizable.  Right now, the cards load up a bunch of junky icons based on contacts who have been automatically associated with a deal.  Also, cards should display the title first.  Amounts are often secondary, especially in early deal stages.  


I think we'd all rather load just the essentials based on the quality of our deal info.  Things like:

Deal Name


Deal Owner


[Custom Labels / Fields]


Most other tools do this.  Hope you get to it soon.  



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Is this scoped for 2019?

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I totally agree with all posts above... let us specify which additional fields beyond the default ones we would like to appear in the cards on the deal board. Everyone runs their company different and has different things which are important to them when looking at the birds eye view.   


Here's another ticket you might want to Upvote that's related.





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The deals board needs to be customizable


We would need a colour coding rating system for projects, for example red = small, amber = mid size projects, green = big projects or significant importance, blue = standard order.

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Honeslty, the user (us) should be able to set what fields we want as columns in the Kanban view. This is a hygine factor as other tools provide this today.

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We need this desperately!


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Fantastic Idea. Choose what we see on the deal card along with color highlights. Some deals are a priority over others and color would help with that.