Show child companies in Target Account overview of parent company


We need the functionality to display child companies and associated info in the target account overview of a Parent company account. 


Currently, if we have the parent company as a target account, we can't see any child company information. We have to add the child company as a separate target account, but it should be nested in the Parent Company target account overview. 


We have parent company ABC, and child company XYZ. 


We should be able to add ABC as a target account, and when we click to see the overview, we should be able to see child company XYZ in the same window in the Target Account view, along with all of the contacts, deals etc under XYZ

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We need this as our target accounts tend to be major corporations with many subdivisions and daughter companies

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Agreed, I think this is vital functionality, especially for Marketing and Sales Enterprise portals!



I work with several very large companies that have many sites around the country, being able to label the Parent company as a Target company and having the child companies nested under would be very helpful. 


it would also be really cool if the parent target account could display the combined child companies open deals, open deal value, missing buying role, and missing decision makers so a sales director could see the high level account overview.

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I agree with the community, this a needed improvement.   Our organization sells large organizations with Corporate Headquarters and Plant locations throughout the United States.  We need to Target and account at the Corporate Level (Parent) and see all sales activity at the Plant Level (Child).  For our organization, this is a huge priority.  


Yes PLEASE!!! Desperately need to see an overview of all child companies within the top-level parent company record. As a B2B company, we keep address details on the company record (so if they move location we only have to amend the company record and not each individual contact), therefore each office location is set up as a child company. 


We have a unique situation where we work with publishers that own journals. We have made some hacky workarounds where the publisher is the parent company and the journals are the child companies. But it's not easy to manage. When the ABM feature was brought out of beta we were very excited to try and use it since we started an ABM strategy last winter. 


However, having it be a 1:1 with account <--> company, it makes the ABM feature much less useful for us. We would love to move our process over to using it, but without that key feature, we don't see the bang for buck.


It would be great if we could associate multiple companies with 1 account. Or, if a parent company is associated with an account, their child companies get associated with the account. 

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Agreed - This is vital for National/Enterprise Sales Managers

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The ABM tools were a great addition to the platform, this cumulative data is critical for the usability of this feature. Enterprise companies have parent and child companies and we really need access to that data at the parent level to see all sales activity and account movement. 

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I couldn't agree more - this is functionality that would be highly beneficial to HubSpot customers.

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That would be a great feature for the ABM functionalisties. The overview should also contain all the deals associated to the parent company as well as deals of related child companies. 


We need this too. And for me, having not this feature is more like a bug, so please fix. 🙂 


Also agree... we have global key accounts and we want to view and there are dozens of child accounts under them. What is the point of this target account functionality if you can't get a holistic view of the account?


I love the overview of target accounts but not being able to see child entities and roll them up/break down means there's too many holes for this to be used. 


As a result, we're creating lots of additional dashbaords and reporting an a per account basis which isn't a patricularally efficient use of resource.


I agree. Was this option ever added? Thank you kindly!


What's the status of this idea?  Is Hubspot considering adding?  It would make Hubspot a lot more valuable for large account targeting.