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Show List Membership

I would like to see either:

1. Show contact List Membership on the "Contacts" List page in a column

Or if not that:

2. Show List Membership in the "List Memberships" box without having to open the List Membership to see membership.

The system requres several steps to determine list membership


Dave Herries

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This is a much needed feature. How do I know this? There are 4 total tickets asking for the same thing and I came here today to submit my own request. This should be SO EASY to create and would provide huge efficiency gains to anyone using Lists in Hubspot.




When can we expect to see the feature that will show contact List Membership on the "Contacts" List page in a column?


@Dherries in my experience, this can be a long process. We have to get more people's attention to this need and the existing request to upvote. If you can add an upvote to the other links in my previous comment that will help. I've also had some luck posting these links to LinkedIn and getting other Hubspot users to upvote them as well. Until we get these requests merged and upvoted 100+ times it's going to be awhile before it's really on the product team radar. 


Adding company list memberships section requirement.


Came here to request the same feature.  If we could just see the last 5 or so lists that the contact's been added to, and maybe a date, that would be really helpful to me.  It already has the expand arrow there, just add a little more info to it.

Edited to say: I upvoted the other list membership requests, as well.