Show/Hide Properties on a Record Based on Data Available

As a team member with full access to Companies and Contacts, when I am in a record, I would want to see properties shown only if there is data within the property. Alternatively state, I would want any property that is blank hiden from the record. Should I want to add data into a blank property, I could then View All Properties and insert the new/additional data and once saved, that property and it's data would appear on the record. 


The value add is that when viewing a Record, I am not bombarded with blank properties, forcing me to scroll through to find the relevant data I'm looking for, nor having to go through extra clicks to View All Properties to see if a property has data, but is not set to show on the record. 


Previous CRM's we've used in the past has this feature, and it is incredibly helpful to find data easily on a record if it is there, and add data easily to a record if it is not. 


Thank you!

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Also, when you click View All Properties, there's a check box to "Hide blank properties." This could be something available as an overarching setting for records (ideal) or at least when viewing individual records?