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Shared inbox with seamless integrations

Hi HubSpot! First off, let me say I love you guys 🙌 you seem to really take your "idea" forum seriously.


I would love to see a shared inbox for sales teams integrated to the hubspot chat as well as messaging channels (email, whatsapp, SMS, etc.). I think now more than ever customers expect inmediate responses but the current system has 3 problems:

1. Traceability of these communications is incomplete (specially SMS and WhatsApp)

2. Assignning your leads & team communication would be easier if there was a single place for agents to answer.

3. Flipping between apps such Gmail, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc in a way that does not flow into actionable reporting and improvement of sales.


I have seen other companies do this feature message Messagebird, Trengo, twilio, freshchat, (for WhatsApp) etc. but none of them offer a fully integrated experience to HubSpot CRM (flowing through the info to the activity log, deal stages, tickets, etc.). There are readily available APIs to make this happen and make communications with a single client frictionless through TRUE omnichanel comunication.


I would DEFINITELY pay extra for something like this. I currently have a ton of phone numbers, emails, etc. that are making the traceability and handoff between sales agents rather difficult.

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Hi, I hope this suggestion of mine is not too late. I agree that other messaging apps like Twilio and Messagebird have limited features when it comes to lead conversion tasks such as appointment scheduling and lead routing. HubSpot does not seem to offer these features as well, so I suggest using an online scheduling tool and integrating it with your HubSpot account. 


We use Chili Piper. Chili Piper offers advanced features, including all the ideas you mentioned, that help you respond to customers immediately. We also found it great for routing leads and assigning them to the right teams. These features are just a few of the many advantages of using Chili Piper. I am sure you can discover more when you try it yourself.