Shared create a deal list for Create a Deal action in workflows

HubSpot needs to allow for a "Create a Deal" action to be cloned in the workflow, or a Shared Create a Deal action via a Shared list, etc instead of requiring us to create another deal action in a workflow. We use if/then statements to assign specific deals to people based on form entries. Currently when using a workflow to create a deal, if you use the if/then statement, and the contact flows in the "No" process, but then flows into the "Yes" on the next step, I have to create a deal again, and then match up the contact fields to the deal fields so all data is carried over into the deal record. This process is very TIME CONSUMING, especially when a form has 20 questions and 5 different create a deal actions need to be done. 


My idea would be to have a "Create a Deal" list where you can set up how Deals are created, then when create a workflow that requires a deal to be created, you have the option of quickly selecting this deal setup. 


Example of my issue below: 


Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 2.44.55 PM.png


Thoughts anyone? 

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