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Shared Sections

I'm looking at the HubSpot Sections feature - and love it. Thank you !

But... I think there's an even more powerful solution out there waiting to be created..

1) Create some re-usable content and save it as a Section e.g. a pricing section
2) But - not just "any old section", but a "shared" or master Section
3) Use that shared section across many pages
4) Then, updating the content of a shared section would be immediately rippled across the many pages that use the content.

I'm thinking about a Pricing section .. used across several pages. Want to change the price? Do it in one place and bingo - it changes everywhere. Support phone number change .. across the site? Same solution.

Sections are great - but Shared Sections would be incredible !

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The saved sections could then work more similarly to a module. If you update the module code, it will update the module on all pages. It would be great to be able to edit a saved section and have those changes be applied to anywhere that section is currently used on a live page or drafted email.


I was also looking for a way to apply changes on a section on all pages that includes this section but this cannot be done. Would be fine to have that instead of having to update all pages that include the changed section.