Share document links with expiration date

Why not adding an expiration date to the link you share? I think this add on would be very interesting to limit the access to sensible information.

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HubSpot Employee

From my point of view @Jesus_Borras has here a potential idea that would be very beneficial for sharing documents either by sending them by email or when adding them on pages. By adding an expiration date to the shared documents would guarantee a layer of security for customers and it would bring great opportunities for HubSpot and their customers.

Gmail as an example, implemented the "Confidential mode" which allows setting an expiration date to all emails and their content. Why not us? 😄 

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This is very relevant requirement as you want to limit how long a document can be viewed. This may change and if the link has expired then the user will contact you in case they still have an interest. 


If not - then there is no access to your documentation after the link has expired.


It must be possible to define a set of standard expiration duration, e.g. 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, forever.


It must be possible to set an expiration on the document it self when it is used to share in a link.