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Currently, you are unable to share lists with the Sales Team in HubSpot. I think that this is a must, especially for Workflows. Here's my scenario:


  1. Create a list per Account Manager that identifies Contacts without sales activity over 4 weeks old
  2. Send the said list to the Account Managers on a monthly basis so that they can keep in touch with leads, MQLs, SQLs, Opps, and Customers.


I can grant access to view the lists, but it would be quite nice to be able to email a copy of lists automatically at specified times.


This would truly add value for both Marketing, Sales, and Customers. It's part of our CX initiative.


Please allow lists to be shared as a link to a View under Contacts so that they can be reminded monthly to view them and see who needs to be contacted.



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Hi Yazz,


You may have already figured this one out, but just in case.

We had a similar issue in our operation, but we decided that the risk was too high to open up lists for sales users, since the list's power scheduled emails and all other automation, if a list was accidentally overwritten/deleted, it would cause some big problems.


The easiest work around is just setting a filter up in contact views, '+ filter' - 'List membership' - 'is any of' - 'select the list', save the filter to match the list name.














Hope that helps.