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Hi there,


Posting this on behalf of a customer: 

The idea is to add a feature to a blog post, to automatically create a pdf document out of it and download it right away on the very blog post page. We are aware that it is possible to convert a webpage into PDF and set this up in a custom way manually, however customer is seeing great potential in this to reduce friction for users that want to share blog posts internally, etc. 

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It would be very convinent, for me and my readers


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One way is to create a pdf via a Javascript Library such as JsPDF, where the PDF is generated on the client site in the browser. This gives the user the full control over how the PDF should look like, which elements should be included, which not ( Navigation for example).


Yes this would be SUPER HELPFUL!


That would be very helpful, especially when the lay-out is adjusted to PDF A4 page wide (or Letter size for US), this is not easy in common pdf printing tools. 


Even with several web to PDF tools this is still not ideal. This feature is certainly something that would be good for HubSpot and would improve blogs. It could even be in the form of a CTA and applicable for other pages, adding an extra contact moment and intriguing blog readers!