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Setting to turn on notifications for changes to a property

It would be awesome to build a setting or a feature of property creation that lets  you turn on notifications when a property is updated. You can check this box on some properties, only the ones you care about. Then whenever their value is updated you get an email listing the object, the property, who changed it, what it was before, and what it is now. Basically you are just getting emailed the most recent entry in the property's detail history if you check that box for that product.


This is to allow an admin to monitor changes going through the system from other users and catch mistakes. It could also be used if someone needs to manually transfer updates to certain properties to a system that doesn't automatically integrate.


Currently I've built out a system of workflows and previous-value duplicate properties to allow getting these email summaries, but having it as a built-in setting would be great.

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* if you check that box for that property