Setting the queues in sequences

"Queue" functionality is one of the functionalities of HS CRM that I like the most. This allow me and other people in my company to set the importance of tasks.
However, as I could notice there are only two ways to manage queues: "Create Task" and "Tasks" dashboard levels. And this is a great indeed. However I have one question. We contact with our contacts using "Sequence" functionality sending them a set of emails which are combined with the call tasks. Using "Sequence" functionality we contact with 6 different kind of business titles and it would be great advantage for us to queue calls and email in the sequence of tasks to prioritize them and to have a chance to put attention on the most important people to be and called.
Simply, before sending sequence we could set in tasks that are calls, the importnace of them, so we could filter them before starting to call the leads starting with these important ones.

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