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Setting secondary email's to be set in workflows.

I came across a problem with my text integration where when a contact texts our number, a brand new contact is created in our Hubspot account.

For example:


Our original contact would look like this.
John Smith -

The duplicate contact that is created when he texts us back looks like this:
John Smith - 


The email above of the duplicate contact is, "send+ {contact phone number}"

If we could auto-add the email texting email to the original contacts emails as a secondary number, it would eliminate the creation of the duplicate contact, AND the texts would come into the correct contact profile.


Essentially, for this to be resolved we would just need the secondary email spot to be a property.

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I agree, having a way to import multiple communications points into a profile would be helpful. I have many contacts where they give me a company email and then a personal and it looks like I have 2 contacts when it is just 1. And there is not an easy way to refer to the additional email without being very manual in updating.