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Setting future dates in properties

I have a property which is a date value to tell me when something needs to happen. I want to set this date automatically in a workflow when the contact does a different action (submits a form). Currently, I can only set the field to today or a static date. Please allow a formula like: Field = Today + 2 weeks.

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I agree, I think this could be very useful in relation to multiple objects. For example, there may be different dates that are milestones in the lifecycle of a deal and it would be helpful upon deal creation to establish those dates for automation so that views can be created to identify deals that need to be addressed in a specific time period. It would be helpful to have 3 options in workflows for setting a date property: 

A static date

Date of step 

X days/weeks ago/from now 

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100% a MUST. I have seen so many use cases where HubSpot users need to forward-set a date property in a workflow ("next action date" type of stuff). It is possible through 3rd party options, but I do believe it would be huge if Users were able to do so within the system. What @Kgibson described above would be so perfect! 


100% agree. SaaS works with subscription models and the two informations you want to have at hand are:

How much is the subscription and if there is a length to the contract, when is the renewal date.


Setting a renewal date is impossible at the moment while a simple formula Start Date + Length of Contract = Renewal Date.

(where Start Date, Lenght of Contract and Renewal Date are three custom properties)


All in all another place where Hubspot falls short with regards to Contract Management...

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Yeah, it's weird that this isn't available!


Need this!  


Agreed, this would be extremely useful.  

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We need the + 2 weeks to be + the value in a Property as the value will vary from deal to deal 


This should not only be a simple process to add in, but is also an ESSENTIAL piece of my workflows!!  I sell memberships, and often people purchase one year of a membership.  I need to be able to store the date that their membership expires, and there does not appear to be any way to add one year on to a current date that is stored in my database.  THIS IS JUST NUTS!!!  PLEASE GET THIS RESOLVED QUICKLY!!!


This would be a very good feature to add!


Hello All,


If anyone is still searching for a workflow action to set a future date and/or specific date X days from Y, please upvote the following thread:


Thank you!