Setting for "Working hours" for ServiceHub

The ability to have a global setting in which we could set working hours for our support team who is using ServiceHub.

  1. This would allow us to drive workflows and autoresponders for tickets and conversations submitted outside of working hours.
  2. It would also allow us to obtain a higher degree of accuracy for our analytics.
    1. Example: Average Time to Respond Over Time, Average Time to Close, Average Time to Respond all are taking into account the weekend.
    2. We need the ability to pull the tickets that are submitted over the weekend or holidays (outside working ours) to start the time attributed to that ticket once we are inside of working hours. Example: working hours are M-F 8am-5pm. A ticket is submitted at 7:30pm on Friday. The counters on that ticket should not start until 8am on Monday when our team is back working again. Currently, we have data that is showing subpar response times.


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Yes to everything you said! We have the exact same issue with reports skewing our First Agent Response time up because of tickets that come in while we're not working.



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I would like to up load this

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Hello, I also would find having reports in business hours very useful! It does not make sense for us to set business hour SLA's for our company when we cannot report that..

Thank you!

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For our company the reports in business hours are critical aswell. Hard to beleive this is not possible in Hubspot.

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This feature would be very inportant in our business.

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This is important for finding accurate metrics

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This is one thing keeping our service team from using Hubspot. Needed ASAP!