Setting for "Working hours" for ServiceHub


The ability to have a global setting in which we could set working hours for our support team who is using ServiceHub.

  1. This would allow us to drive workflows and autoresponders for tickets and conversations submitted outside of working hours.
  2. It would also allow us to obtain a higher degree of accuracy for our analytics.
    1. Example: Average Time to Respond Over Time, Average Time to Close, Average Time to Respond all are taking into account the weekend.
    2. We need the ability to pull the tickets that are submitted over the weekend or holidays (outside working ours) to start the time attributed to that ticket once we are inside of working hours. Example: working hours are M-F 8am-5pm. A ticket is submitted at 7:30pm on Friday. The counters on that ticket should not start until 8am on Monday when our team is back working again. Currently, we have data that is showing subpar response times.


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This would be fantastic. I would like to see it added. 


There are a couple of ways this could be done.


The manual way:

  • Export the VID and date time columns
  • Open the resulting file in a Google Sheet (or simialar)
  • Use the function:
  • =(NETWORKDAYS(B5,C5)-1)*(upper-lower)
    upper and lower are named ranges containing the start and end times of business days
  • Now re-import the data into HubSpot.


The Automatic (Easy) way:

Install an integration to perform the calculation automatically, and as associated data is changed or created:


Disclaimer: I am the author of the above integration, and it is paid (though I've done my absolute best to keep it affordable). But it was very much built to solve this exact problem and help us internally avoid having to do repeated, manual exports and imports across a number of our accounts.


I tried that app promoted by Dave_, and it did not work, unfortunately.  It gave numbers like 235 hours, which makes no sense.


Edit: Wait, maybe it ran before I made the change from date closed to time to respond.  Unfortunately, all the 2000 free sample tickets I got were really old before we migrated to hubspot, so not a good test.    I may pay to have it run through all our tickets again wiht new settings, and post back what I find out. 


Hi @cscheible 


I'm happy to reset your trial if you would like to try again post the change you have made, we're very confident our calculations are accurate - we have run them across literally millions of records with out issue 🙂


Send an email to and we will reset the trial period and help with some better test cases.




The Integration Fox App named "Days Between Calculator" worked really well for us and worth the $5 per month.


(Not affiliated with them, just using that app!)



We have configured Integration Fox as well and it seems to be working correctly. I would still love to see this native to HubSpot with the ability to add holidays and such.


We absolutely need this feature. When will it be implemented?

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Hi folks,


I’m Joe, the Ideas Forum Manager.


Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. We hear you loud and clear, and we agree that this functionality is important. We are currently evaluating if this Idea is feasible and, if so, how our team will implement it. 


Any news about this feature request will be relayed on this thread, so stay tuned!









Thank you so much for keeping us updated and for taking the time to notice the traction this has gotten. I think this feature is especially relevant as many users may be 100% remote for some time (me included) and the boundaries of what normal work hours mean may be more blurry than normal. Being able to change settings would be especially useful given the change in many of our work-life balances recently. 


Hola a todos !!!


Herramienta super necesaria para nuestra gestión !!




Definitely on board with this idea. At the moment - as the only person who responds to tickets - not being able to set working hours is making my response times look a bit dismal, despite me being really quick in responses generally. 

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@VeeTardrew- I'm in the same boat as you. I'm our support "team" for the most part. For the Response Time conundrum, I've been using the "Log Email" feature in HubSpot from my phone. If a ticket comes in after hours, I log in to the ticket and "Log" an email that it was received. This updates the Agent Response Time to the timestamp of the logged email. When I get back into the office the next day, I then handle the ticket directly with the customer.


It's not too tedious but does require some extra work that would otherwise be negated if the Working Hours feature was enabled.


Thanks for that tip @tmcginnis. It won't help for those coming in while I'm sleeping, but definitely a good 'patch job' until we can specify Working Hours.  


Posting this again in case the last two commenters did not see it.   $5 a month is totally worth not having to log in after hours and log an email.   (Hopefuly your company will pay for it).   Would be great if Hubspot fixed this someday, as it's pretty basic feature that is missing.


The Integration Fox App named "Days Between Calculator" worked really well for us and worth the $5 per month.


(Not affiliated with them, just using that app!)


I work with distibuted teams in different time zones. I would make a case for a team/user schedule as opposed to a global one. This should also allow better tracking of individual agents' performance.


+1- it doesn't make sense to have an avg. first response time if it's counting the weekend/out of office time- it skews the results making this metric unreliable with Hubspot


Yes please! We really need this feature. We have a Service Dashboard that we are using to report on a particular pipeline. However we are wanting to report on first response time, ticket handle time, time to close etc. But we would like to be able to accurately report but within our support hours. So for example if our hours are 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday, we wouldn't want a message that arrives at 10pm and doesn't get a reply until 9am the next morning to skew our reporting. Does that make sense?


I absolutely love the idea to be able to use working hours in reports. The status is 'in review'. Is there any update on that? 


Any update? 😄

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