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Setting Default List Columns at a Global Level

Would it be valuable for anyone else to be able to set which property columns are visible on lists at a global level?

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March 22, 2022 06:18 AM

Hi all,


I’m Andres, Product Manager at HubSpot! 


Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. We hear you loud and clear, and we agree that this functionality is important for Lists. Our team is currently reviewing the feasibility of this idea (as well as this one: Fix columns on Lists.) and, if so, how our team will implement a solution.


Any news about this feature request will be relayed on this thread, so stay tuned!


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I was just about to post this. HubSpot allows admins to set the default visibility for properties when creating or viewing records. Admins should also be able to set the default column visibility when viewing Companies, Contacts, or Deals.


I agree. I would like to be able to, even if onyl for my own view, see default columns when searching for a company, and similarly for a customer, to reflect the properties that are most useful for my type of work. Saved views don't work for this as I want to customise the columns when I search for any particular company or contact.

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You can currently set list columns at your individual user level by expanding the Actions menu from the list view, and clicking Edit Columns. This post is a suggestion to set the columns globally for all users if you are a Super Admin. I hope this helps you with your personal view.


Ah right my mistake. Yes great that does help, thanks!

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This feature would be really helpful.




Would be v useful yes.


Depending on which list is concerned, very different columns are required...


It would make so much more sense for an admin/list creator to save a default view. Currently, it requires each individual user to be aware of both the ability to edit columns + which columns are required.



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Seams that if HubSpot allows admin to define which properties are visible when creating records, and which properties are visible when viewing records, it would only make sense to set the default columns. Sure, allow the user to modify as they do now, but at least they can be put on a level playing field when training.




I agree with krispag's comment. We should allow admins to set default columns.


Being able to administrate list columns is functionality we simply should NOT HAVE live without.

It does not delight me in the slightest that I cannot do this as a SuperAdmin. Having to tell roughly 10 or more people they now have to tediously drop in their own columns to view a list that has virtually nothing to do with their own work, makes me the bad guy...Not HubSpot - they get mad at me. Because I'm the person who administrates HubSpot. I cannot even delight my own co-workers.


Also, now we cannot drag and drop columns, (instead of using that disastrous picker), which everyone hates and when is used, makes EVERYONE SAD every single time.


Great Idea...Admins need to be able to set the default columns for Contacts and Companies so that their teams have the same views and access the key information that the business needs and sets up from the very beginning.. 


Yes, I up vote this idea! 


Yes, I vote for this idea.

We have a Sales Team of 20 people just coming onboard. They used to have Salesforce where the default views show relevant data instead of random columns with no data or no relevant information that confuse them a lot. As an Admin, I show them how to re-arrange columns but multiple that effort to 20+! and after 2 days they forgot how that's done...


Yes, our team spends a lot of time setting up columns. Setting the view would be amazing (allowing of course for them to play and change) but a default view would be great!


Yes, I upvote this idea.


Definately one that has to be fixed - wasted a couple of hours aligning everybody.  Then only to realise it had undone all the columns I had set up on other lists.  Not every list needs the same columns - basic stuff.  We have just migrated from Salesforce to HS and love lots of things about HS although some of the basic stuff is lacking like this and the frustration of not being able to use Company properties in the columns - I had to write workflows and map Company properties to Contact properties.


Look forward to seeing this fixed.


We had the same issue that alester001 posted.  We are in the process of migrating to HubSpot.   


We look forward to seeing this fix as well.


Thank you.



Yes, please. We need to set a default ticket view for all users.


Upvote.  This will help with productivity.