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Set validation rules for postal code for HubSpot default property

In the Beta version, there is no way to add data validation to HubSpot's default Postal Code property. This option is currently grayed out saying the field cannot be edited. This should either be editable or should default to a minimum of 5 digits. 


Postal Code.PNG

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Yes, please make this available! It is grayed out for me too.


Exactly!  I have workflows that rely on people putting in 5-digit zip codes to match against a list.  If somebody puts in 5 digits plus the hyphen and 4 more digits, it won't flow through my workflow properly.  If we could limit the field to 5 characters, problem solved.  It would be incredible onerous for me to create a custom field just for this, migrate all the data, and ensure it doesn't break anything anywhere else.  Please liberate the validation rules on this field!


Would also like this - seems a bit silly that there isn't some way for us to validate a post code that's entered on a form etc? It's causing issues with our CRM integration and seems odd that it's greyed out and can't be edited. And I ideally think it needs to be editable as I need to change the maximum rather than minimum figure.


This is insane that there's not a way to add validation rules to HubSpot fields (like the postal code field)! @hubspot, this should be something you had in version 1 of your software! If you're going to lock-down a default HubSpot field, at least make it smarter for what it's intended to be used for. In this postal code example, we had someone paste in an entire Google Search query which clogged-up our entire lead import sync script from HubSpot to our database via the API.  Please fix this ASAP.

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We need validation options for all form elements. At least, it would be best, if we could add our own validation scripts directly via the form editor.


Rather than giving backend Hubspot users options to customise validations for Hubspot's standard zip code field, Hubspot should automatically validate it taking into account that there are many different zip code validation rules required for contacts from different countries. 


Even if we were given backend options to set all these rules up for ourselves, surely this is something a basic CRM system should be adding value by taking care of for us?


No country has a zip code 1 char long and yet if you make this Hubspot-supplied field mandataory on a form, Hubspot accepts this kind of input as valid.