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Set user restrictions in specific Deal Stages in the Pipeline

We would love to be able to exclude AEs from moving deals to a few stages in Sales pipeline. In short, it will be great to have one person, such as our VP of Sales, to be the gatekeeper in deciding which deals should move to Closed Won and the stage before that.

Some people prematurely pull the trigger in "closing" a deal that is not meant to be closed.

Currently, it seems the only restrictions I can apply in HubSpot are the following:

  1.  Set Deal Access to "Edit > Owned Only". This will restrict one AE from moving a deal to Closed Won that doesn't belong to them. However, they're still free to move their deal to Closed Won.
  2. Set Deal Access to "Edit > None". They will still need to move deals in stages such as New, Discovery, etc. expect Closed Won - Onboarding and Closed Won.

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It will be great to convert this idea into reality.


We would really like this implemented. Our example is that people often move deals from closed lost stage back into the pipeline, which they shouldn't but sometimes still do. It also then means the funnel conversion reports are inaccurate.


If a deal is lost but then they re-enquire, we class that as a second deal, so a new deal should be created rather than reopening the previous one. Currently, when someone moves a lost deal back into the pipeline, I have to delete it and re-add it completely, then they have to add the new deal too, so it's wasted time. 

Another idea I suggested to stop this is the ability to remove deal stage history (, but by locking down a stage in the pipeline so deals can't be moved out of it, would be much better. 


+1 to this - would be key for us to prohibit progressing deals to won without approval (or implement approval for a close)

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Using the 'Restrict Edit and View Access on Properties' combined with Required Deal Stage Properties, you can do this today. 

What you do is you create a property, it can be any property type. Once it has been created, you restrict editing access of that property to only your VP of sales (as used in your example). Knowledge Base Article here

You then use the 'Require deal stage properties" function to add the property you created to any stage that you don't want reps to be able to move deals into. 

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Upvoting this Idea. Another use case is for a deal that is worked on by multiple teams. For example;


Deal Stage 1 - Editable by Team A 

Deal Stage 2 - Editable by Team A

Deal Stage 3 - Editable by Team B

Deal Stage 4 - Editable by Team B

Deal Stage 5 - Editable by Team C

Deal Stage 6 - Editable by Team C


We can currently make stages editable to super admins and those with permissions, but it would be awesome if we could say a certain team can access a certain stage. Making too many people super admins in order to edit certain stages is a big red flag. We can do this with other content like customizing the left side bar of records and having sections for certain teams. We also want that for deal stages.