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Set user restrictions in specific Deal Stages in the Pipeline

We would love to be able to exclude AEs from moving deals to a few stages in Sales pipeline. In short, it will be great to have one person, such as our VP of Sales, to be the gatekeeper in deciding which deals should move to Closed Won and the stage before that.

Some people prematurely pull the trigger in "closing" a deal that is not meant to be closed.

Currently, it seems the only restrictions I can apply in HubSpot are the following:

  1.  Set Deal Access to "Edit > Owned Only". This will restrict one AE from moving a deal to Closed Won that doesn't belong to them. However, they're still free to move their deal to Closed Won.
  2. Set Deal Access to "Edit > None". They will still need to move deals in stages such as New, Discovery, etc. expect Closed Won - Onboarding and Closed Won.

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It will be great to convert this idea into reality.

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This needs to happen. I'd love to hear if someone has implemented a commision structure for sales staff (using Hubspot for reconciliation etc) without similar restrictions.

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We would like to be able to do this too. Some deal stages we want the deal to only move into if a certain form is filled out rather than the sales person moving it in there.


We would like to be able to do this too


Same also applies to Service Hub with tickets.  Pretty shocking as its a pretty basic feature of any ticketing / service desk software to have user restrictions, especially for "closing" things in different stages.


Completely agree. I hadn't realized this wasn't a feature yet... pretty disappointing. 


Thsi is a very important requirement. It is disappointing it is not already available. 


We also need this feature. I hope Hubspot developers will consider this when creating software updates.


As an interim solution - you can require certain deal properties in order to progress to a certain deal stage. But then you can also restrict edit access to certain properties for certain permissions levels.


By combining those two functions, could you not just make a field - let's say date of VP Approval - that is needed to progress to Closed Won, but that only your VP and above have permissions to actually edit?


100% need this feature, its just a part of the QA that most companies need to do. 



This raises the interesting question – what is achievable and how far can you go in the pursuit of customer satisfaction.  It’s without saying, companies try to satisfy their customers as satisfied customers usually return and buy more or they tell other people about their experiences. Statistics are “that the cost of keeping a customer is only one tenth of winning a new one”. Therefore, when planning the fieldwork of this much needed authority level, perhaps survey your current customers on this particular subject.  One of our greatest headaches is the lack of internal controls in that anyone can manage the closing of a deal without fully signed contracts or line items aren’t completed properly.  Hoping someone is listening and we can see quick resolutions to this problem.  Kindly Chantal


It would be awesome if a employee "Must" upload for example some data or an image before he is allowed to push a deal in the next Deal-Phase.
Or just like that the permissions would be a bit harder.


We really need this too!  We need to set permission levels on individual deal stages now. A real bummer that this doesn't already exist.


Hello HubSpot Team 😅


@Jared_Smith that looks to be a great shout 👍


Very much agree with this! It would definitely help with restricting trigger-happy Sales teams from qualifying their own Deals.

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Upvoting this! To add on, I worked with a customer who had the following use case:

- Allow users to edit properties of deals up till when the deal enters close stage

This is to prevent users from editing the properties once the deal is closed. As of now, it is not possible to restrict editing of properties only after a certain condition is met. 

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Anyone have a workaround for this? 

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This feature would be helpful! 


Really helpfull. This way only managers could edit deals in won stages and sales team will not mess with closed deals.

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You can set up a version of this today using property-specific permissions. 

If you create a custom deal property, and set the permissions for that property so that only the VP of Sales can edit that properties value, then you add that property as required on all deal stages after X, Y, or Z, then in order to get deals into those stages the VP of Sales is required to get involved. This is available for any Enterprise hub. 

Relevant KB:

You could even have 1 property for deal stage 3, another for stage 4, and a third for stage 5, so that the VP has to come back once per stage and confirm with the sales person if the right criteria has actually been met. 

There is now also permissions for deal stage access where it is either users with permissions to edit deals OR super admins only. This is available for Pro OR Enterprise. 

Relevant KB:

A third option would be to create a custom deal property (hubspot user property type) called Sales Owner and then copy Deal owner into Sales Owner, and then change the deal owner to your sales manager or vp of sales. If your user permissions for editing deals are owned only or team only, then the sales person would no longer be able to edit deals AND thanks to the sales owner property you would still be able to report on which sales rep owned and closed the sales process.