Set up workflow criteria with an as yet unsent email


I want to set up a workflow based on contacts being sent an email.  But unless I have sent that email or saved it for automation I can't select it as a criteria. Even if I schedule the send date, I can't use it in a workflow.


This would help with getting campaign elements together ahead of launch as I wouldn't have to create the workflow AFTER the initial email has been sent.

At the moment, I will have to wait until I've sent the email and then quickly build the workflow, test it, and then quickly make any adjustments as needed.

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This is something that should definitely be available.


I want to be able to build a email marketing campaign, buld workflows around it, schedule that and forget about it so I can move onto other things. At the moment my workaround is creating it as an 'Automated Email', building the workflows around it and then manually kicking it off by setting the workflow as live and sending to existing contacts that meet the criteria.


Seems very cumbersome considering the functionality is basically there it's just not enabled for single sends



Piling on to this, just to add that I was surprised to see that I couldn't use a scheduled email in a workflow. Hopefully Hubspot can resolve this. I realize I could use workflow to send the email, so I will make sure to use that next time. 


yes, this would so help with managing outreach campaigns. getting all the pieces put together and set up is significant, and then to have to 'remember' to come back and set up workflow is a cumbersome task to be added to a process that is designed to facilatate economy. would LOVE to have this feature. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!


Hi everyone, 


I need the same. Sometimes we want to set a complicated workflow before our page can be published which really slow our work, but due to HubSpot settings we cannot. TUpdate this featured would be really helpful.


I agree, i want to create all elements of the campaign in advance. i have several email that are supposed to be triggered by the activity of the first email. it means i cant create the workflow for those emails in advance but only after the first email is sent. which sometimes means that i have less time to prepare all the workflows and test them. 

another similar problem is that if i have a blog post that is not yet published (but is scheduled), i cannot test an email that has a button referring to that blog post until that post has been published. 



Absolutely baffling that this is not a feature yet, as it goes against the very value proposition of email automation. 


Wow...really!? Having to come back after an email has been sent is utterly unacceptable. I'm honestly not sure how this has gone unaddressed for this many years.