Set up workflow criteria with an as yet unsent email

I want to set up a workflow based on contacts being sent an email.  But unless I have sent that email or saved it for automation I can't select it as a criteria. Even if I schedule the send date, I can't use it in a workflow.


This would help with getting campaign elements together ahead of launch as I wouldn't have to create the workflow AFTER the initial email has been sent.

At the moment, I will have to wait until I've sent the email and then quickly build the workflow, test it, and then quickly make any adjustments as needed.

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It would be very helpful to be able to create a list based on contacts that have NOT been sent a particular email. This way, you can create lists based on which sections (after an If/Then branch, for instance) of workflows a contact is in; our team has come across several instances where this would have been helpful. This feature was also surprisingly missing from the Workflow enrollment possibilities. Please add this feature!

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Best suggestion ever!

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I agree. This would be a nice feature. 

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For another reason I very much need the same:


I use lists to control if there are any errors in enrolment and the possibility to hvae people on a list that have:

- enrolled in workflow "A" but not received email "X" tells me if for some reason somehting is not working and lets me know in good time if my customers are being well informed. 

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Completely agree! Other automation systems do not have this limitation.


Here is our specific use case. For our monthly email programs we schedule all emails the day before they deploy. We also set up workflows with the enrollment criteria of if someone clicked a link on the email. I want to be able to schedule the email deployment and activate the trigger workflow at the same time.


Currently you can only use emails that have been sent as the enrollment criteria, I have to go back in the next day and activate the trigger workflow. This is annoying and adds an extra step to our internal workflow.

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Got my vote! Seems like a common sense capability to offer

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I have a similar need where a delay in processing prevented several enrolled contacts from being sent an email that was scheduled in a Fixed Date workflow. Pulling a list of those in the workflow who did not receive the email is cumbersome and requires creating "Smart List A" of those who were sent the email, then a second list of those in the workflow and are not in list A. A "Contact was not sent email" would simplify this.

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I ran into this exact same issue and would love to be able to use an email in a workflow before it's sent for the same reasons. Perhaps they could just not let you turn the workflow on until the email has been sent. That would be so helpful.

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Is there any progress on integrating this feature? I would really like to see "Contact was not sent email." would be particularly helpful in managing my newsletter - if contacts have not yet received a newsletter campaign, I can send them a welcome email, instead of doing individual workworks for each instance, which gets messy very quickly! 

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This seems like a function that someone missed when they designed workflow triggering. By being able to set up a workflow based on email engagement, whether or not it's been sent yet, is all about the beauty of automation. I don't want to set up an entire workflow, triggered on the open or click of a non-automated email, just to have to manually set the trigger after the campaign has started. Please open up the workflow triggers to include draft or scheduled emails.