Set up workflow criteria with an as yet unsent email

I want to set up a workflow based on contacts being sent an email.  But unless I have sent that email or saved it for automation I can't select it as a criteria. Even if I schedule the send date, I can't use it in a workflow.


This would help with getting campaign elements together ahead of launch as I wouldn't have to create the workflow AFTER the initial email has been sent.

At the moment, I will have to wait until I've sent the email and then quickly build the workflow, test it, and then quickly make any adjustments as needed.

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is it possible to create a workflow that contains a trigger for non-sent marketing emails?

e.g. contact has not yet been approved the communication abo


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Sebastian Winter

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Please! We need this to be able to set up campaigns from start to finish. This is the stuff that HunSpot is made for.

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Here's the use case: 


Our org wants to be able to schedule an email to send at some point in the future. This is a non-automated email. We'd also like to send an internal notification to our sales team, any time contacts open the scheduled email. 


Currently, only emails marked as "Save for automation", or those already sent, can be referenced in a workflow. 


I understand the need for this setting, if you want to execute a send within the workflow actions themselves. I'm talking exclusively about the enrollment criteria. It would be nice to be able to plan an email, and build automation around it, in advance of the send.

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Yes, very much needed !

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This is very much needed. Having to remember to go back in and finish the automation after the email has sent is crazy!

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How is this still not available???  We could really stream our own workflows--and set up the correct workflow when it is top of mind--to be able to create the email workflow before the email sends.  Agreed, it can be challenging to send the email and THEN set up the workflow, test it, modify any efforts we want. 

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This thread was started more than two years ago and I am amazed it hasn't been implemented yet given the fact that it is a simple request and one offered my multiple competitors to Hubspot as part of the basic workflow functionality. 


Is there any plan to have this implemented?