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Set up and edit email signatures for other users

In some cases it would be useful to be able to set up and edit signatures for other users, whenever Marketing sets up automated emails for sales or account management.
Either those colleagues are not active users at the moment, or Marketing simply knows best how to quickly set up and edit signatures, which saves a lot of time.

At the moment there are two workarounds 
1) Add the colleagues as users to HubSpot, set the user permissions you want or don't want them to have, and work with them individually to create signatures in the profile section of the portal. This takes a lof of time thinking of a global organisation and more than three colleagues. 
2) Add a from name and a from e-mail address to an e-mail without adding the actual person as a user in the portal and creating manually create or copy and paste that person's signature into the e-mail body. This cannot be used for automated emails. 

We in Marketing do need to be able to set up and edit email signatures for other users. 

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2 years later-  another vote 😛 


Totally need this! Have needed it for past 3+ years!


Yes please!

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Marketing managers, as the guardians of brand, would love to be able to do this 🙂 🙂 🙂 


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+ 1


would be very very helpful, both for the admin as for the users

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Hi @Hilke  and other contributers,


This is something we are looking into as a team. As we will not have this in Q3, for transparency and clarity I am going to marlk this as "Not Currently Planned". I iwl update this doc as soon as ai have more to share on this item.






Same here, we need this. We are growing rapidly and its impossible to manually manage signatures for 50+ users. I can't have my marketing automation manager spend 3 days chasing people for every award nomination or other update we want to communicate in our signatures. Specially during corona, where you can't just walk up to someones desk and say "move over, let me fix this for you"

This is becomming such a nuisance that people start plugging a migration to salesforce.

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Our clients are constantly asking for this. Their sales people don't want to have to follow the instructions to do this themselves, the marketing director would rather just have one of his or her team put them in for them.


This would be huge. And should definitely be a feature!


Definitely needed. Looking at the original request - it's a need that is over 3 years old so not sure why it's taking so long. We're looking to promote Hubspot to our customers as a marketing solution but lacking a basic feature like this is a big minus.


We are trying to get our service delievery team onboard with Hubspot. Lowering the bar to get them started is the first step. Hubspot ... you totally have it in your best interest to develop this feature so you can incease your chances of selling us more product and licenses and increasing your revenue.


Definite need!


I am a super admin and need to be able edit our user accounts especially their email signatures.  I don't have a very tech savvy group.  To ask them to add html code to their signature and edit it is impossible.   I can't even sign in as them and make adjustments because it's been too long since they were in the account.  This should be a simple fix.  If you're a super admin, you can sign into your user accounts and make edits especially to email signatures as well as photos.


@cgiroud I just rolled out email signatures in Hubspot. Here is what I did. (1) I had our executive leadership mention in a departmental meeting how important it was for them to get set up in Hubspot and to look out for an email from me (2) I sent the email below to each member (3) I followed up with each person to ask if they had completed getting their signature in or if they needed any help (4) I sent a test email as each individual to make sure their signature was intact. (5) Those who had not yet set it up, I jumped on a Teams face to face and walked them through setting it up. ....... Pain in the **bleep**, but it got the job done.


Hi [NAME],

By now you have probably tried logging into Hubspot at ... If not, no worries. Just try signing in. It might have you select a password.

Now you will need to set up your signature.

I have manually created your signature code to work in Hubspot. I tested it on my end, so it should be good to go.

You’ll want to follow this quick process for getting your signature into Hubspot: 


If you get lost … Widget > Your Preferences > Basic Info > CRM Communication > Edit Signature > HTML



… Then paste the code below:




BTW, don’t mind if the above code has blue links in it. When you paste this into the signature box in hubspot as HTML, your signature should look intact.

If that doesn’t work, OR if you want your signature modified in anyway hit me up on Teams.



Thanks so much for your work-around!  I have been taking that approach.  My hope was that Hubspot would make it easy and offer a way for Super Admins to do the signatures for our users.  


Could you please do that as it is an important part in our ongoing nursing and nudging of our existing customers?




yes, this feature would be very helpful - not even from a marketing prospective but also from a GDPR point of view!

Otherwise I thought about a workaround wih a implementation or something like that...


Please move this idea up to production soon! This is a common admin right in all the other marketing automation platforms I've worked in so it's frustrating to be limited by this in HubSpot. 


You could not have said it better @Lauren_Humphrey 


Being on board with HubSpot for about four months now, I simply cannot understand how much basic functionality does not work or is not integrated or has a completely lack of flow for both sales, marketing and sales/marketing.


Don't look at Campaigns, Blogs or Tracking URL if you look for a holistic solution to your needs.