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Set up and edit email signatures for other users

In some cases it would be useful to be able to set up and edit signatures for other users, whenever Marketing sets up automated emails for sales or account management.
Either those colleagues are not active users at the moment, or Marketing simply knows best how to quickly set up and edit signatures, which saves a lot of time.

At the moment there are two workarounds 
1) Add the colleagues as users to HubSpot, set the user permissions you want or don't want them to have, and work with them individually to create signatures in the profile section of the portal. This takes a lof of time thinking of a global organisation and more than three colleagues. 
2) Add a from name and a from e-mail address to an e-mail without adding the actual person as a user in the portal and creating manually create or copy and paste that person's signature into the e-mail body. This cannot be used for automated emails. 

We in Marketing do need to be able to set up and edit email signatures for other users. 

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+1 from me too - this would save s much work!


We're changing our email signature every 6 weeks. Not having to update it for 100+ people every 6 weeks will save us a lot of time.


I can't belive this feature is not available yet.


Would be amazing!


Can't believe this isn't a feature yet. At the very least a global module for email would help us get around this issue. There's now way we can expect non HS users on our team to update their signature every time we have a webinar. 


This feature is completely necessary.  Not only that, we should be able to create signatures  using the token system HubSpot has already developed for emails and templates...

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This would be very useful and make the company look much more professional.


Would be great to be able to include the "current user's meeting url link" variable to be inserted into this.

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Agreed. It only makes sense to effect these for individuals and to maintain brand standards. 


Much needed. Please add! I've put together instructions for our users on how to create their signatures but it's scary to trust users with a block of HTML code and updating it correctly!


I still can't believe HS doesn't offer this feature... Please add it. 🙂

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This feature would be so helpful!




Let's face it, most Sales and users don't dwell on the setup, etc. so as an Admin, I highly recommend this feature.


(Full Disclosure, I am with Opensense)

Hi, just an FYI, but we have an app on HubSpot that is meant for email signature management as described.  Here is a link to it:


The full signatures work with Sales pro sequences.  We have a way to manage banners with marketing emails as well.  Feel free to reach out to our team to help get all setup.




This is a huge painpoint for me right now as we are getting set up in Hubspot. We have 20+ potential email senders and getting each of them to individually set up their own signatures in a system they won't regularly be logging into is a pain and leaves too much possibility for our emails to be going out with a blank signature where someone has not taken action to set one up. Since they are marketing emails, it would be best for marketing to be able to set up signatures for them. 

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This would be better solved by adding custom properties to the user entity. User properties could be updated by the user, an admin via the user admin section or in bulk via an import. Much easier to manage from an admin stand point.  Custom propeties could be added to emails via a token. This way the particular data as well as the styling could be controlled on a per email basis.


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This has been outstanding for way too long!

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This please! How can this not be a feature in Hubspot yet? Pipedrive has this possibility since three years, at least. 


Another vote for setting up and editing signatures for other users. Important for brand consistency and any marketing messaging. Thank you!