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Set up and edit email signatures for other users

In some cases it would be useful to be able to set up and edit signatures for other users, whenever Marketing sets up automated emails for sales or account management.
Either those colleagues are not active users at the moment, or Marketing simply knows best how to quickly set up and edit signatures, which saves a lot of time.

At the moment there are two workarounds 
1) Add the colleagues as users to HubSpot, set the user permissions you want or don't want them to have, and work with them individually to create signatures in the profile section of the portal. This takes a lof of time thinking of a global organisation and more than three colleagues. 
2) Add a from name and a from e-mail address to an e-mail without adding the actual person as a user in the portal and creating manually create or copy and paste that person's signature into the e-mail body. This cannot be used for automated emails. 

We in Marketing do need to be able to set up and edit email signatures for other users. 

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Please please please!! I am Marketing and want to set these up centrally.


A very pro cool feautre would also be if I could push out a marketing message to add below signatures which could be changed any time e.g. check out new research launched this month click here or check out this months hot offer.

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I agree, adding an image and a link to a conference for all users, without them having to do it manually will be a very nice feature

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Definitely! Trying to get 50+ sales pros to add their signature without multiple email reminders and calls is a challenge. Sometimes it is much easier to just add it for them. I would also like to see custom user properties, Sometimes you may want to use an owner attribute to the email body and it's currently not possible.


Another vote for this, as well as custom profile fields.


Another vote for this. We are enterprise level, and mainly use our CRM system with hubspot as a supplement to marketing. We need to sign-up over 200 sales representatives, and set signatures for them centrally. This is critical for us.


Completely agree. This is needed to ensure brand consistency and for making sure we are able to tailor the email message. 

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Rereading the post and I think my suggestion is about something different. I created a new idea for that Email Signature Creation and Management

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Yes, this could be a great Hubspot Sales tool or new product. A central, rules-based platform to generate and append email signatures for Exchange, Gmail, etc (not sending emails via Hubspot). This would include options for layouts, social, CTA/offers (latest event, ebook, webinar, discount, etc.). 





This should be a feature in the Admin role.


Just jumping in to request this. 


Would really like this feature too from a marketing and comms perspective! 


This would make things a lot easier! All salesreps is writing in their signature different, we have no way to stay on top of it when we cant edit their signature. 

If it could be possible with a custom banner/message added to all signatures that could also be great. But here we have to take language versioning into account. 





Need to be able to add and edit sales user's signatures. Please add feature.


This please.


Everyone here can go buy Sigstr or share this with your friends and get more votes b/c we need HubSpot to build this.


As an admin on our account, why is it that I cannot edit our Husbpot Sales user's signature? In marketing, we want them to all look the same so I would like to give them a template to use but not all of them will do it. If I were able to mass update it, that would be great. Also, I cannot add their first and last name so when I send an email to a contact from their owner, it just has their email address if they have not edited it as opposed to first and last name. I would love to be able to have access to their signature for consistency purposes.


This needs to happen!  Admins need global control of user signatures for consistency and brand standards.


Would love to have central management of email signatures so that we can standardize promotions and other CTAs.


This is a must have for larger teams. (say over 6 people.) Being unable to do this seems like a real oversight. As a Super Admin, I should expect to be able to at least b able to configure this per user if not set them all to a global template (or choose between templates.) Even Infusionsoft lets you do this. and that's saying something. 


We also need this!