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Set timestamp with a workflow

Dear HubSpot team, 


I would like to set individual timestamps with a workflow since I need to store the exact time and therfore "date of step" is not enough. 

I already tried to add it via "set property value" and the variable "{{to_local_time(local_dt)}}. But this is currently only stored as a simple string (see attached screenshot).

property value.PNG

Your support wrote the following about this request:

"At the moment it is not possible to add HubL variables into workflows. This is why adding {{to_local_time(local_dt)}} into the property action would not work and would not save the timestamp.

I did a little bit of digging around this, however, at the moment it is not possible to save time into a property. This is because at the moment, HubSpot does not support custom Time properties."

I hope you will be able to implement this soon (maybe you can make all general variables usable with workflows).

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+1. This would be really beneficial. Use case:
Creating a "time between" calculated property, to calculate the amount of time between when a ticket was opened and another custom property. Using a workflow we are only able to set the date for this custom property, but since the create date has a timestamp, ideally this custom property that is set by the workflow would too, so we can accurately calculate the "time between" those two properties. 


+1. Its a great idea. In our case we use different lifecycle properties then the original one and would like to set a timestamp on the lifecycle changes, so that we could calculate the distance between each conversion.

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Totally agree about the necessity for time stamps, especially on ticket submissions. For larger CX/service teams, identifying popular ticket submission trends by time of day is critical for determining staffing and schedules in order to enhance the customer experience.


This is absolutely necessary. If this doesnt get resolved, we'll likely need to find a new provider. Its impossible to track some of the most meaningful sales activities without this functionality.