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Set required fields for manual data imports

User: Any HubSpot user with import permissions


Problem. Many large/global companies using HubSpot have required property fields, that need to be completed at a contact or company level. These required property fields are used to improve segmentation over multiple countries/product types/contact types etc. An example of these required fields would look like this.

- Country (of contact)

- Contact type (Patient, Doctor or Pharmaceutical)

- Product Line (ProdA, ProdB or ProdC)


These companies rely on having this information completed for each contact, so they can accurately see any patterns or trends, as well as track product division KPIs. Integrations automatically allocate the correct fields to contacts based on IP country, name of form/page etc, but any manually imported contacts rely on the user remembering to add country, contact type and product line to each spreadsheet. 


HubSpot imports already have the functionality to check for a unique identifier (like Contact ID) and prompt you to ensure first name, last name and email are all existing columns, in order for the import to take place. 





It would be great if this could be expanded upon, so the company can pre-define any additional property fields, outside of the First name, Last name and Email, so any data entered into their CRM meet their business requirements.


Use Case

As a Marketing manager

I want to ensure all manually imported data includes our three 'required properties' (Country, Contact type, Product) 

So I can confidently segment our contact data and supply our contact with the right content and the right time. 

Acceptance criteria

Given a HubSpot user has imported a contact datasheet

When they are directed to the mapping page

Then an error message will display if they have not included the business's pre-defined required fields. 


Thank you.

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Recognized Expert | Elite Partner

With so many updates to permissions and partitioning, this seems like a great next step, giving us the ability to keep data clean.