Set range of days for when a meeting can be scheduled


In the meetings tool, you can currently choose when a meeting can be scheduled. However, the options are "this week and next week", weeks in advance, or a custom date range.


It would be great if you could set it to "blank days" (3 days for example). Currently, you would need to go in everyday and set a custom date range. Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 3.17.19 PM.png

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Yes - this is much needed!  As our company has to manually change the custom date range every day for our meeting links.


Please Create!


I would like new options for "When a meeting can be scheduled" when setting up a calendar. The options for this week and next week, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks, and so on is too many. I would like the option for a few days. For example, if today is Wednesday I would only want the calendar to show Today, Thursday, Friday, and Monday. Then, tomorrow it would show Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. The Friday it would show, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday....and so on. Or I would like the option to have my calendar show my availability one day, two days, three days, four days, five days and so on. 


I think this is an essential feature that is needed in any modern online booking system. I'm quite surprised to find that 2 weeks is the shortest time period.

One thing that may be better for the most amount of users is to set the time over a period of "rolling days" as opposed to "rolling weeks".

It would help more people as someone who uses 2 weeks could change their time period to 14 days.

This is how it's done in a competitor platform.

Meeting booking option.jpg

Thanks for the consideration!


Absolutely! ScheduleOnce has this feature and we're currently NOT using HS Meetings so that we can keep this feature to keep conversions up. Would love to go all in on using HS though. 🙂 C'mon Hubspot! 🙂 


Need days as an option!


i agree and i like scheduleonce so much more than hubspot meeting calendar. In the confirmation email, the link to zoom is not even included. The zoom link is included in the calendar invite but not in the hubspot email reminder which really confuses the prospect about where the meeting is located. 


Completely agree. Calendly has this functionality and similar to DIvins above, we'd like to move everything to Hubspot but we need to be able to adjust the scheduling window. Please prioritize this feature request!