Set minimum pricing levels & apply standard discounts to bulk orders


Our company works with the sale of data. Ideally, we'd like to fully use HubSpot to enable our sales team to create accurate deals and send customers detailed pricing quotes.


When a product is created, we'd like the option to:

  • Assign a minimum price based on volume: Our minimum order value is £340 for data records, which is typically 1000 records. Some clients order less data than that, but we can't assign a minimum net price using HubSpot. Currently, if each unit of data was £0.34, 900 contacts would be £306 not £340. Being able to assign this level while still displaying an accurate number of data records requested is vital.
  • Bulk order discounts: Currenty we can assign discounts manually by editing products after they have been added to a deal. We'd like the option to make this more autonomous. Adding standard pricing level options when product lines are created (such as Price A, Price B, Price C if a condition is met, such as volume ordered) would be extremely useful and save sales team members unnecessary calculation and time, lessening the possibility of errors.

Could these options be incorporated??

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I would like this too. I dont want a sales person to be able to apply a discount below our minimum pricing level, and I also want to aut apply doscusounts based on the quantity.