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Set line item quantity using workflow

I have created deal with line item having zero quantity using workflow. 

I am moving that deal to Closed Won stage, at the time of moving, I am taking some values from user and based on that one calculated value generated in calculation property. Now I want to set it as quantity to the added line item on that deal using workflow.


This feature can be useful to update recurring deals with dynamic counts of line items in any system.

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Spot on, and this is much needed as long as the Subscription record is not available in the UI or in the workflows.

If you make the Subscription record available in the UI, I don't believe this is needed, but not being able to set the line item quantity in the workflow is currently the only step that stops us from being able to make the renewal workflow 100% automated.

Today we save subscription information in custom company properties, and when a renewal is close we trigger a workflow to create a deal we call "Renewal: {{ companyName }}"

In this deal we add line items based on plan, and the only thing missing is that we are not able to set the number of licences the company has.

We use data from deals to automatically generate invoices, so not having the option to set quantity based on a company property, requires us to manually check how many licenses the account has, and then update this number in the deal, before an invoice is generated.

The result is that a process that very easily can be 100% automated, has a major bottleneck.

In other words: someone at Hubspot please see this request and make it possible to populate the quantity field of a line item in a workflow, based on a company property.