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Set email and task times when creating sequences

The biggest pain point I have with sequences is that when you are going to enroll someone in a sequence, the time each email goes out and when tasks are created iare inherited from the current time of day. If it is 10:04am, all of the emails/tasks default to that time.







As it is important that emails go out at better open rate times, it would be great if when creating the sequence, that you can set default times for emails to go out. Currently I have to waste a lot of time setting each one manually.


As an example, a sequence of 5 emails might be set upon creating the sequence to go out at 8am, 1:50am, 4pm, 8am, 8am, and I would be able to set that when creating the sequence. In the instance where I am starting a sequence at 10am and the first email default is 8am, it would ignore the default as it is a time in the past, or it could set that sequence to begin the following day at 8am. Or you could simply have a pop up prompt that asks if the user wants to send it now or the following day.



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Any solution for this yet?


I agree. This is extremely important to correctly market emails to prospective customers. Need a solution on this ASAP

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We are currently planning to add a default task time to sequences, so that you can set the task time creation for a sequence (IE: 8:00AM) and not need to scroll down and update for each enrollment. We plan to move quickly on this update, so I will have more news soon!

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Hi Community!


Happy to let you know that we've developed a "default task time" option in sequences so that you can choose the time of day that all tasks within that sequence are created:




We will be releasing this feature to customers in the coming week, but if you would like access to this now, send me a direct message and I'll ungate you! 

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Hi Community,


Clearning this up! The changes were made in 2019 and we forgot to update the post here. Since then, we made an additional change that creates all tasks at the beginning of the calenadar day, and have included additional options to set a remidner time. 


We are continuing to evaluate task creation and notification times. We believe there may be a deeper problem related to the nature of how waits to show or create any future tasks until a specific time. If you have issues that you would like to follow related to this, I'd recommend another similar post here: View Future Sequence Tasks.