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Set default filter / view in deals from Kanban view

Should be able to set default filter / view in deals from the Kanban view, not only from the list view.

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I agree with this, wholeheartedly. I, of course, am very typically only ever working within my own deals on our team and prefer to view them in board view over list view.


It is very annoying that I have to navigate to deals and then always select "My deals" from the dropdown menu, instead of it just automatically defaulting to "my deals."


Huge pain point for us too, please allow us to set default views by user!


Our teams work to a high volume of deals, we need to sort these easily via having a default Kanban view set by the user. Having to switch to the right view when opening Deals everytime is like opening your car door with a physical key because your remote is broken. 


Huge pain for on of our customers. They work with deals that are based on a testdrive date/time. If they are in a hurry, they want to see the first testdate, not the oldest deal.


Dear Hubspot we choose you over a pipedrive and since this is industry standard function and since initial idea is over a year old Im really worried. Please fix this now I don't want to change CRM again.