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Set currency per user or team

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I looked around for this and am sure it must be posted somewhere but Im posting here so that I could get a response on the status of this as a feature or if you aware this is quite a useful feature to have. If we can work around this, please advise on how to do so?


We have users all over the globe. Each region/team would like to use Hubspot CRM, Sales and Marketing Hub in their currency. We currently have 4 currencies and the default set to Dollar. BUT the issue is that a user in UK for example, sees all values in Dollars but should see it in Pound/Euros as a default for them? This also affects the reports, etc.


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I too have a similiar issue.  Users in the EU and US - would be ideal to set either individual or group "default" currencies for those members in different regions.  Then have all their dealings in that currency.


This is an importnt feature, not sure how cross country CRM users can work without this feature?





I would like to second (or "fourth-cond"?) this suggestion. It is a significant issue for us that local teams ALWAYS have to change currency on every single product and deal they make. Being able to set a specific (non-account-default) currency on any of either user, team, pipeline or product level would alleviate this. 


The lack of this option makes the dashboards unhelpful since they're all in the "home currency" and not the curreny I need it to be in. 


We are a global organization with regional offices across 4 continents.  HubSpot allows you to assign a user to a team, unfortunately, there isn't a lot of functionality that goes with the team designation.


Example 1:

Every team utilizes a different currency.  Unfortunately, HubSpot only recognizes US currency because of the location of our HQs.  It would be nice if appropriate currency could be assigned to teams - that would help with reporting sales won and sales pipeline forecasting


Example 2:

During the sales pipeline phases, there are fields various teams (Ops, Accounting, Technical, etc) require to be completed ensuring everyone executes when a deal hits the "won" status. Unfortunately, you cannot select requirements by team assignments.  Therefore, all properties must be required or not required.  Required forces individuals to place fake information in fields so they can move a deal to "won" and Not required allows everyone to skip the needed fields before moving a deal to "won". 



+1 We have operators in Australia and the US so having default currencies for specific teams would be very helpful


Our company is new to HubSpot and one of the reasons we chose it is the multi-currency support. We learned during implementation that users can't customize their own views with their native currencies. As others have noted above, this is glaring omission. It's disappointing that the initial request was made nearly a year and a half ago and thus far there's no response from HubSpot. 


Can we please have this implemented soon? This feature exists in your competitor's platform. 


Can we get some movement on this please Hubspot? If you want a seat at the big boys table (SalesForce, Dynamics365) you need to provide tools for your global audience. This is a classic example of why I regret our small business moving to Hubspot.... so much easier to use than our last CRM, but missing some of the fundamental tools that every other CRM would provide out of the box

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Hoping to add some visibility on this as a HubSpot solutions partner. This is very important for our partners as some of them have teams that need to report in their country's currency.

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Hi all,


Creating a workflow to set currency (which lives as a deal property) based on the team that owns the deal is a great workaround to solve setting currencies for each team. Please see an example below:



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Hi everyone 🙂


Just had a customer who mentioned this would be useful for them too. In their case, some users need to see a currency report in their respective currency while others need to view overall reports in a fixed currency. Having this feature allows for this flexibility which removes the need to do currency calculations on the side. 


Thanks in advance!